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BR for Fall

Looking at BR's clothes for fall. Now, I can get onboard with the colors: browns, greens, this yellow. But can we please stop with the pregnancy shirts? Who looks good in these things? No one. Not even this model. She looks 3 months along. Now, if I was pregnant right now I would be in heaven. So many clothes to choose from, so little time. But, seriously. It's Got To Stop.

What is this thing? Gross. It's like those things that Lucky kept trying to pawn off as a "hot" beach coverup for the summer.

Are they trying to make all of their models look huge? What is the deal? Yeah, ok, this SIZE TWO MODEL looks awful in it, where do I pick one of those up?

Also: Combining Styles. Fashiongirl's pet peeve #1. It's got billowly sleeves! And a sashy-belt thing! And lace trim! And if it doesn't have enough going on: Grandma's necklace.


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