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Old Navy Jewelry

So, I noticed a couple weeks ago that Old Navy has jewelry now. And I saw with this outfit, they had these really cute wooden bracelets for $5.

Figuring that they would have them in the store, I waited. When I went to my local ON last night - no jewelry! Went online today - bracelets are gone! Damn.

Anyways, I love cheap, trendy jewelry. Charlotte Russe is my fave. Buy 2, get 1 free? Hells yes.

ON also has this cute, trendy, circles necklace. Looks to me like you could even remove the bottom piece for a different look.

I also love this purse. But I looked at the store last night, and it's gigantic. Maybe good for a beach bag or something, but I couldn't justify the purchase (or decide on a color to buy).


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