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fashion laws

Toes & Leather never together.

Guys who don't wear undershirts cannot be trusted.

Cell phones on the belt is never a good idea. Especially woven belts.

Never take fashion advice from someone carrying a backpack purse.

Black + Brown = No.

Your socks should always match your pants. Except for jeans, then they should match your shoes.*

If you love the shoes that much, buy them. Your happiness will be worth the price.

If you love the shoes, but they "don’t match anything you own," buy them. You will be surprised
what you will come up for the love of the shoes.

If you own any platform Frankenstein Shoes (TM Stacey on WNTW), it's time to throw them out.

If you have never seen a Louis Vuitton purse in Real Life, you need to get out more.

If you are a female and you do not own a black shirt, or a black pair of pants, or a little black dress, you need to buy them. Today.

*Personally, for women, I hate seeing socks ever with jeans. I only wear no-socks-required shoes or boots.


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