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NBA All Star Weekend

Ok, so I'm going to one of these All Star parties... and I have to have to have to look cute to make sure I get in [I'm on the guest list, but I'm not sure how these things work]. What to wear? Well, I was thinking a hot dress. But after finding the dress (not at Nordstrom, but at Foley's), it wasn't all that. It hit me in the calf (and I'm tall, dammit!), for one - a big WNTW no no. Tried on a bunch of other dresses and they didn't work either. Back to the drawing board.

So I was thinking a hot top with some hot jeans and heels. I wanted a new top, preferably in a "look at me, I'm hot" color. But upon shopping, it seems that black & white and blah neutrals are all the rage this spring. I found this top at AX, but I would totally be putting a v-neck tank under it. But when I tried it on, it looked odd (albeit slightly more fitted at the bottom than shown here - which is good, since I'M NOT PREGNANT!).

So, then I tried a bunch of the boutique stores on Westheimer in Houston. I was not impressed. Maybe the ones in the Village would be better, but I don't really have the time.
So now it's down to:
- black halter jersey knit dress with silver heels.
- black pencil skirt & either a white strapless top or a purple-y black strapless top and silver heels.
- jeans and one of the tops from above.
- something I have yet to find in my closet but will magically call to me tonight.


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