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Shoes from WHBM

I've wondered for a few years now why no one has imitated the red soles on Christian Louboutin's shoes. I love it. But I could never pay that much for shoes.

Now, lo and behold, in the White House Black Market Fall Catalog, I saw these babies.

They were uncredited in the catalog, so I looked them up online. Not quite as beautiful as they looked in the catalog, but I still might have to go check them out in person. I'm all about hints of red for fall, and I love them with these gray shorts - I have similar ones from Express that I just got.


Anonymous paz said...

oh deer shoes have copied CL's red soles and they're also available at nordstroms at the stores (not online).

5:44 PM

Blogger fashiongirl said...

Very cool! Thanks!

8:14 AM

Blogger fashion said...

cute shoes!...i love wearing my favorite timberland shoes...but this shoes look different

12:50 PM


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