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Cute sneakers!

Since I can pretty much wear flip-flops year round, I rarely wear anything else to run errands/walk a lot/whatever unless it's really freezing outside (i.e. below 50). A good pair of cute low-heeled "shopping boots" usually does the trick, but I haven't been able to find any low-heeled boots I like the past few seasons.

So, it's on to other options. I seriously can't wear flats. I think they sometimes look cute, but honestly, down here in the south, no one really wears them except old people and teenagers. All the 20-and-30-something girls love their heels and flip flops and rarely anything in between.

But I do like the occasional trendy sneaker. I bought some cute Diesel ones last year, and this year I think these Adidas are super cute... For $150 though, I probably won't get them.


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