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NYC street bag

Shopping, literally, on the street for handbags is a luxury rarely seen outside of Manhattan. Who doesn't love passing tables of colorful handbags on the street? If I lived in Manhattan I probably wouldn't ever buy one, because everyone would know where you got it (and I would NEVER EVER get a "Goach"). But 2000 miles away? No one has any idea.

I've been obsessed with yellow handbags and shoes for the past few months, but could never find the perfect shade of yellow that I wanted. I've noticed that 70s mustard yellow and fall orange are very much in for Fall 2007, so when I saw this "designer inspired" Marc Jacobs-esque bag, I had to have it. I, first, "had to have it" in gray, but when I saw the yellow, that was it. It also is gorgeous red inside.

It's totally THIS bag, but I paid $40 on the street. The chain was very fake-y, but I don't really like rattling around town, so I took it off. A little plier action, and I'm going to have a couple cool keychains from the ends of it though. :)

I also got a small (going out) shiny navy blue Chloe-inspired bag. Very cute.

Also, I did go into one of those "back room" places in Chinatown. It just feels dirty in there. I much prefer good style over a purse with a (fake) label.

Kind of like this, but smaller, and less hobo-y.


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