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makeup products that i love

I am a sucker for new products. If I find something great, I'll stick with it for a while, then usually move on to something else. But there are some that I've been using for a few years now...

I love, love, love Revlon's skinlights (especially the foundation) line. After one super-tan summer where, in every picture, my face was white as a ghost, and the rest of me was super-tan, I discovered "light-reflecting pigments." These reflect the light, instead of absorbing it, so your skin looks more natural (especially in pictures). There are some more expensive brands that have them (I love Estee Lauder's So Ingenious pressed powder, haven't tried the foundation). I also use the Skinlights Illuminator as a highlighter on cheeks, inner-eye area (got that from Carmindy on WNTW), and for all over on a night out. It adds a hint of sparkle, smells like flowers, and looks awesome with a tan.

My favorite concealer is Revlon's New Complexion Concealer. And my friends tell me I "never break out." I totally do, but this concealer helps hide them (and undereye circles).

Also, I just tried Maybelline's Lash Discovery Mascara and it's awesome.

I can't usually justify blowing lots of money in a department store for expensive makeup, but for some reason, I spent a lot of money at the (now defunct) reflect.com. They had customized products, a money-back guarantee, and amazing customer service. I was sad to see them go. I loved their ($17) lipsticks. Especially the sheer shades.

The best lip gloss in the entire world (I have tried everything from Lancome to MAC to mark. to Estee Lauder... they are all sticky!) is CoverGirl Wetslicks. They go on good alone, or on top of lipsticks. They don't stay on forever, but what lipgloss does? AND THEY ARE NOT STICKY! However, the Wetslicks Crystals? No. It's like sand got into your lipgloss.

I also like mark's Kiss Therapy (original). It's a little bit sticky, but lasts a long time, and makes my lips super soft. It doesn't have much color, but really looks good by itself.

I'm always on the lookout for new eyeshadows (Maybe it's the humidity, but these suck and so do these). Currently, I'm using bronzer & blush for eyeshadow. And for eyeliner: Usually the cheaper, the better. As long as it's soft, and goes on really well. The two "expensive" (over $6) eyeliners I've tried, I hated. They were hard, and hard to put on. My mom loves Chanel's Aquacrayon, but that's a little "How much is it Marie?" ["It's very expensive."] for me.


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