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Discount Store Finds I did not buy

I am on the hunt for a purse. I saw this orangy-red Tommy Hilfiger purse for like $40 at a Marshall's in Houston. The problem? It's HUGE. It doesn't look that huge in the picture, but it was way huge. I looove the color, and have scoured ebay and the web looking for a smaller version in this color to no avail!

I saw these shoes (but with a back on them) at DSW about a month ago, and they were around $70. I wanted them, but wasn't sure. I've been thinking about them ever since. But I want the ones with the back on them, and I can't find them anywhere. The yellow is not as YELLOW as it looks here and they would look fantastic with jeans. Oh well.

I found this chocolate brown suede & leather MAXX NEW YORK purse at Marshall's in Houston. It was originally $250, marked down to $90. Very, very cute, but too wide to carry under your arm comfortably. Plus, it would be a fall/winter-only purse, being suede and all.

ETA: Three weeks later, and I want this purse. I may have to go back and look for it.

Saw these at the Cole Haan Outlet at Katy Mills. I think they were $80. I didn't like that I could see my toes through the holes in the top. But, now, a month later, I want them. They are a beautiful color and the perfect heel height.

ETA: I went back to Katy Mills and bought them for half-off!

I found these at Target ($27.99 though - a little high for Target, I think), and they were cute, but I want to wear them with a cheap dress. And I want to mix & match the cheap with the expensive.

Oh well - the hunt is on!


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