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Gap has two new fits of jeans for fall: Curvy & Straight Fits. They aren't available in stores yet. Sounds interesting. I love Gap Jeans. I have tried on lots of over $100 jeans and I just haven't found anything that fits me as well. My theory is that jeans should cost about $50-60. But. If they cost $150 and they look so good on you that you will love them as much as 3 pairs of jeans, then it's ok. I really wish I could go to NYC and go to the custom-made jeans place they went on WNTW. A girl can dream.

Same with shoes. If you find a pair of shoes you absolutely love, but think you have nothing to match, buy them anyway. You will amaze yourself by coming up with outfits centered around your new, beautiful shoes.

News to me: Target has Long-length jeans. Huh. That might be worth checking out.


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