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No more Foley's

The Houston Foley's stores will officially become Macy's on September 9.

What is this?

Customers will at least be curious enough to give Macy's a try, he said, and it will come down to whether they see it as "the right product at the right price at the right place at the right time." Besides, he said, "customer loyalty is down to almost zero in America. It's almost a thing of the past."

No way!

I love Foley's, and while I will check out Macy's (I don't shop at the one at the Galleria now...), I will only shop there if I like what I see. I just think it is so weird they would say that.

Also, there will now be two Macy's stores at the Galleria. Greeeaaat. How about a Bergdorf's? Bloomingdale's? Barney's? A giant H&M??

Initially, Federated planned to close its Macy's store in the Galleria and
put it in the existing Galleria Foley's, but it has since decided to operate two
Macy's there.
Each store will carry a similar mix of men's, women's and
children's merchandise, Smith said. The Foley's location will continue to carry
furniture, while the existing Macy's location will not.


Anonymous flawless said...

I love Foley's, too. They tried having two Dillard's in a mall in Dallas, and it didn't work. Can Macy's really pull off a Red Apple Sale? I doubt it.

8:56 PM


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