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No H&M?

The Houston Chronicle has an article today listing some of the new tennants in the new part of the Houston Galleria. No mention of H&M. :(

The former Lord & Taylor space will be divided into "12 new businesses." There is going be a huge J. Crew (even though Dallas has like 8 J. Crew stores, Houston just keeps moving their one store around), some new restaurants, a Borders, Chico's, and "TANE, a Mexican jewelry store that specializes in silver." Great.
"All should be open by summer 2007."


Anonymous paz said...

nothing new and exciting except the forth and town store opening you mentioned earlier - there's got to be something better that they're holding out on the news!

7:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know notting exciting, even though in the latest issue of Texas Monthly, Michael Kors said a Houston store will open in 2007 not to mention that Ruehl No. 925 has alredy assign a number (119) for a Houston The Galleria location

5:52 PM


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