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Beach Bag #1

I got this beach bag to wear with my brown swimsuit and denim skirt. (I didn't realize that it was "tie-dye" - I hate tie-dye. Hrmf.] [$19.50 at Old Navy]

Then of course, I went and got a berry-colored swimsuit, which is a little too fancy for my beach bag with the gold stitching and all. [$17.99 top + $17.99 bottom, at Target]

I think a green or cream with brown leather beach bag would match everything... so I'm still looking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't realize it was tie dye either, until I read your post. I don't care for tie dye either, but it really isn't that bad in this bag and not noticeable at first glance. IF there is such thing as sophisticated tie dye, this would be it.

10:20 AM


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