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Tapestry Flats - High & Low

I loved these flats from Steve Madden, but I really have issues with paying over $50 for any kind of flat shoe, especially one as uncomfortable as SM shoes. [$69.95 at Zappos]
So, you can imagine my delight at finding almost identical ones at Target for $12.99! I've gotten TONS of complements on them, and no one can believe they are from Target! They are relatively comfortable (thanks to a littler moleskin behind my heels), but they are sooo slippery on the bottoms when walking on smooth floors. I've tried scuffing them up on the sidewalk, to no avail. Next, I'm going to try spraying some hairspray on them and see if that helps! Overall, LOVE them!


Blogger The Shopaholic said...

Ohhhh ! Waouhh !
Me too I love it !

3:10 AM

Blogger Taleia said...

I saw those shoes too and wanted them - shoulda scooped em up! :)

4:54 PM

Blogger extra! extra! this just in said...

amazing !

5:28 AM


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