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dream boots

So, sometime this weekend, I saw some boots. I don't know where or when (for some reason, I picture them on Jessica Simpson). I saw the Wedding Crashers*, and they very well could have been worn by someone in a preview (and no, it wasn't Dukes of Hazzard, I checked the screencaps).

I want these boots.

I scoured the internet, zappos, nordstrom, google, kitson. No luck.

These are the closest I could find. But they were more of a reddish color & had some kind of intricate flower(?) design at the top. And more "beat up" & less shiny.

Also, the heel was a little more stacked, like these or like these Ralph Laurens.

It's quite possible I dreamed them up.

*Also, the wedges that Rachel McAdams had on in Wedding Crashers? LOVE.


Blogger Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Maybe Jessica Simpson's "These Boots are Made for Walkin'" video?

10:20 AM

Blogger fashiongirl said...

Checked it - nope! Her boots are more cowboy and red. Thanks, tho! :)

9:11 PM


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