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My new jeans!

I have tried on sooo many relatively expensive jeans and it was always so depressing. They never fit. I have shapely legs and an ass, dammit! Or they caused the lovely muffin top. Finally! The stars have aligned and I found TWO pairs! Unfortunately, my budget will only allow for one pair, and I chose the more trendy "casual" pair - I'm going to see Gwen this week, I need to look cute!

A more professional and work-appropriate David Kahn pair (who?) in Newport. But there's no fun design on the pockets!

And then the ones I got, Blue Cult Kate jeans in Dune. And lucky for me, the back pockets have this gorgeous orange and golden yellow stitching on them! Love them. And then I had to go and buy some cute yellow stilettos to go with them. What? They were only $9 on clearance at DSW and my jeans needed an accesory!!


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