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Discover cards

So, I'm loving these new designer Discover Cards. I feel a bit guilty for ordering another one, but I can't find mine card right now (but I'm pretty sure it's in my car, so I don't want to report it stolen).
I looked at all 150+ designs. These are my faves.

And the one I just had to get because it's my puppy:

One question for Discover: All the "hobbies" are boring - where's the shopping card? Or the "shoes" card? Sadly missing.


Anonymous CreditGal said...

haha. I'm just crazy about credit card designs too. It doesn't matter for me what features a credit card offers, most of all I like various pretty jaunty cards.

9:00 PM

Blogger Opra said...

It's great that people can choose their own design of credit cards:) It is one of the peculiarities of Discover credit cards.

4:20 AM


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