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Spring Jewelry

I'm looking for this necklace. Preferably for about 1/20 of the $590 price tag.

The new jewelry trends for spring are, according to NM:
• Meditteranean - I love, love, love the colors that go along with this... sea blues & greens? Yum.
• Hoop Earrings (... who doesn't have hoop earrings?)
• Charm Jewelry
• Neutrals
• Right Hand Rings (been looking for a cocktail ring since last year... I have a $6 one from Target that is the #1 thing I've ever received the most complements on in my life.)
• Gold - my personal fave. I love gold.


Anonymous paz said...

check out marnie rocks. she's a local jewelry designer that creates practical affordable jewelry!

7:40 PM


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