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Exactly what I'm looking for?

I won't know until I try them on, but these $89 Jessica Simpsons look perfect.

Now, which color do I get? I wanted brown, but the green is kinda subtle and good too.

ETA: Found them at Nordstrom this weekend - the "snakeskin" looks super cheap, and the brown is very reddish. One thing I noticed about Jessica Simpson shoes - the sides "curve" in - so if you have a high arch (which I do), you don't have a huge GAP between your arch and the side of the shoe, as I often do - which is why I usually go for d'Orsay styles.


Blogger Marcy said...

I've been loving the peep-tow pump look. So retro and cute. The green ones are more funky, but I'm feeling drawn to the brown pair... hard choice!

5:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:12 AM


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