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Fall jackets

I've been wanting jackets that will look good with my brown & gray & rich colors wardrobe that I'm aiming for fall/winter. I have 3 corduroy jackets (in winter white, olive green-ish, and chocolate brown), and a lot of black jackets & coats. I want something a little nicer to wear to go out, as well as something to keep me warm. The only jackets I seem to be finding are corduroy, and I obviously don't need any more of those. Plus - corduroy is not really all that dressy.

So, I've been contemplating glen plaids. And I've found that it's hard to find a non-suity jacket. In NYC this week, I saw a couple I liked at the temporary UNI QLO for $60 each, but the arms were too big on them, and they looked faded (although it may have been the lighting). They did have super-cute corduroy jackets (love the gray), and a really cute dark denim jacket.

I also found a BCBG one at Dillard's (and again at Bloomingdale's). Even if the price tag didn't deter me ($200+), they still didn't have my size.

I also saw this DKNY $278 coat at Nordstrom's. Gorgeous.

And there's also my old standby - Gap. Their jackets always fit me well. They have this $88 green-ish one, but it looks a little frumpled to me (especially for the price!). Might have to check it out at the store.

Also, just saw this BCBGirls purse - very cute. Looks a little Marc Jacobs-ish.

Also, is it wrong that I saw a girl on the SATC tour wearing this (gorgeous blue) BCBG dress and couldn't remember if I had seen it at Forever 21 or the BCBG dept at Dillard's? By the way - thin clingy knits? Just say no. This girl had a good body, and it still showed EVERY bump. Not good.


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