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New boots

Well, I finally found them. I've been looking & looking for some classic style, knee-high, dark brown LEATHER boots for large calves for under $150, and I got them.

For months, all I've been finding are the plastic-y stretch boots that fit over my calves, and was about to settle for that type when I found these. The brown is MUCH darker than in the picture, although I still wish it was a tad darker (anyone know of anything I can put on the leather to make it a smidgen darker? There's got to be something...). They were pretty comfortable to wear all day at work too. The website claims the heel is 3.5", but I think it's more like 3.25".
I got them on sale for $109 (plus the 11% "international shopper" discount I always seem to get at Macy's), and they had a deal where if you spent $100, you got 2 $10 giftcards for future purchases! So, I also got these in Lipstick Red (much MUCH REDder than the picture shows).

They aren't the best-looking pump ever, but they have a comfy flex-sole, and the heel does not feel 3.25," even though it is (I measured it). Perfect for work. They were on sale for $49 - $20 coupon = $29! Not bad.


Anonymous Ms. Casadei Boot for Winter said...

Very hot! It is one thing to find a pair of good-looking boots, but its a whole other ballgame when you find a good-looking pair that is actually comfortable!(with a very affordable price) Very nice!

7:51 AM


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