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New pumps

For a while, I wanted some croco-like chocolate brown peep toe pumps - but after trying on numerous peep-toes and even buying some and taking them back, I've decided that I cannot pull off the small peep-toe look.

Sooo... I still desperately needed some chocolate brown work shoes.

And then I was going to an event on Friday that I wanted to wear my chocolate brown pencil skirt and my heathered-green ("root beer"?) silk drapey BR top, and I Had to Have some shoes.

Off to DSW I went... I found some beautiful dark brown Guess croco pumps. I usually steer away from Guess shoes because, well, Guess, for one, reminds me of the 80s. And two, their heels are usually sky high! Well, these weren't too bad. I think they are 3 & 1/4", which I can handle. They also seemed to have some padding under the ball of the foot - ingenious!

They were fairly comfortable on Friday (for 8 hours of standing/sitting). Wore them again out with jeans and a brown & gold strapless top (lots of walking on cobbles & streets), and my feet did hurt at 2 AM - but no blisters! And I'm wearing them today with my dark brown Express shorts & a dark red long sleeve deep V BR wool-crepe top [This is a top I haven't worn in like 2 years, but always kept it because it's fairly classic and super flattering - and this fall it's my fave color! I love it with brown.]. Also, shockingly, they don't slip up and down on my foot - which makes them the first pair of pumps that I haven't needed to put heel pads in the back of. They are a perfect fall shoe!

I couldn't find the exact pair online, but I think these are them, just not in croc... I paid $79 at DSW.
I'm loving the red ones too!


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