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Winter shopping shoes

I'm going to NYC again in a couple of weeks, and it's going to be All About Shopping. In Houston, when you shop in the winter, and need to have comfortable shoes, you can pretty much wear flip flops (yes, a fashion faux pa, but whatevs). In New York, not so much.

I have some cute & fashionable Diesel sneakers, but they are light-colored, and I'm picturing sludging through dirty snow, and really they are not all that comfortable.

Ideally, I would wear boots. But even though the no-heel boot is huge this year, I'm not feeling it and know that I would never wear them otherwise. And snow boots with or without the wedge heel - cute, but not really for me. Also, you pretty much have to tuck your jeans in them, and as cute as I think others are with that look, it's not for me.

Sooo... looking for some more non-athletic sneakers... I found some cute ones at DSW, that were light-colored. I checked out Payless for boots, and found these super-cute ones, but I hate the color. The similar navy ones are a better color, but still, eh.

My friend has the cutest green Pumas, so I guess I need to go to their store and see what they have. As much as I dislike spending $75 on shoes like that, these are supercute. And I guess it's a necessity.
I'm still open to suggestions though!


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