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New bag for fall!

I saw this bag in Lucky in Red, and loved it. I had been salivating all summer over this bag, and this one is similar, yet smaller and cheaper[$98]! I also have been wanting a jewel-toned patent bag for fall... and it comes in colors like cobalt, eggplant, wine, and bordeaux! Now, finding pictures of the bag in these colors is another story...
This blogger had a pic of the cobalt - oh so yummy. She got it at QVC for the low price of $64+tax+shipping ($76). The cobalt's backordered though, so I got the eggplant, which from the other bags on the Maxx New York website, looks like a deep purply-blue. Hopefully it's just gorgeous.


Blogger The Budget Babe said...

that's one hot handbag!

9:48 AM

Blogger susankellogg said...

I love this bag! I want one! I need it!

1:40 AM

Blogger WendyB said...

Nice bag!

9:42 AM

Blogger v said...



12:32 PM


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