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weekend purchases

Well, I was returning a bunch of stuff at one of my favorite malls, and searching for the dark brown shoes.
While looking for those, I found these beauties. Wedges, earthy, peep-toe, slightly platform - I'd better wear the shit out of these this summer, these trends won't last. My only problem with them is I think they kind of look like some shoes my mom had back in the 80s - I really don't want to embrace the bad parts of the 80s (flats, slim fit jeans, LEGGINGS) , and I've always hated peep-toes, but these don't seem more "open-toe" and less "peep-toe." Also, they look fierce with my "tan."

This mall also has Forever 21, which is sometimes a bit much to handle, but I did pick up this necklace (it's a really pretty rose gold) which kinda satisfies my need for this one, and bright grass green top, that looks oh-so-fantastic with my new shoes.

Can I reiterate that I love, love, love Charlotte Russe & Forever 21 for cheap trendy jewelry? Look for quality stuff, and wear it well, and people seem to think you paid a lot more for it than you did.

Also seen around the mall - black & white EVERYWHERE (not that I'm complaining, but I don't want overkill), print tops (not sure how to pull this off without looking like I'm 6 and wearing my PJs), very few knee-length skirts (lots of dresses though! - I love dresses, but can I wear them to work??), and very subtle brown with black (love this).


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