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What I Want Now

I bought some "gaucho pants" this weekend at the BR Outlet Store. Only they are more like shorts on me, because I am tall.
I definitely now need some good, black, high heels. I have been so obsessed with metallics the past couple years that I don't really have a good black pair of heels (well, I do, but they are well worn). I love this look with the heels & the cute top(from here).

I plan on wearing them to go out in, but I'm thinking I may also try to wear them to work.

I also want a clutch purse. Wow this is a steal [Michael Kors Palm Beach Wristlet/Clutch in black for $35!]. Hmm. Not sure what color I want yet. I'm torn between camel, black, and a bold "match everything" color.

I love this purse [Ellen Tracy "Neutral Territory" Demi Hobo Bag]! I've had bad luck buying purses without seeing them first. Wonder if they have this one at the stores...

I also want a completely impractical short sleeve jacket. Super trendy, and it won't keep me warm, but I like the look.

And I also want some platform pumps. Like these, but not these because I already have 2 pairs of shoes in this color.


Blogger Liv said...

I love the long shorts. Those bags are so cute also!

6:54 PM


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