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Pine IV jeans?

I bought my 3rd pair of expensive jeans... Pine IV Kyoto Flared Jeans. If I love them as much as 4 pairs of jeans, it's ok, right? Sometimes, like, when going to see Madonna in Miami, you need to look fan-freaking-tastic.

[They were actually $22 cheaper at Nordstrom, but they aren't online there.]

I was worried, since I've never heard of Pine IV, but I found a couple promising reviews online.

When I tried them on and was very pleasantly surprised. The first thing I thought was "I look so skinny!" - they are perfectly long (I would guess at least 35"), and have cute flap pockets, and a nice wash. I was thinking it was part of the "Nordstrom dressing room mirror syndrome," so I tried them on for my roommate and she said "You have to keep them," and then, "they make you look really skinny." Sold.


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