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Runway at Maxx, and shoes

I've been spending lots of money on other areas of my life, and I decided I've gotta come up with some cheaper option for fall shoes.

Yesterday, I stopped by TJ Maxx and checked out their Runway at Maxx stuff. It was designated with signs and balloons. Clothes-wise, there were about 8 or so (picked-over) racks of higher-end stuff (Ralph Lauren, several Kenneth Cole leather jackets (all size XL), and some brands I'd never heard of). They also had several shelves full of jeans (Yanuk, Seven, etc.). Overall, I was unimpressed. Until I checked out the shoes - not exactly part of the "Runway at Maxx" section, but Stuart Weitzman, Cole Haan, Matisse, Via Spiga, oh my! Granted, most of the higher-end brand shoes left were larger sizes. There was a super-cute pair of black knee-high Cole Haan leather boots in my size (marked $150), but I have bigger calves, and alas they did not zip up.

What I found quite funny though, was the men's Runway at Maxx "section": One very small, very disheveled-looking rack with a few pairs of jeans and shirts crammed on it. Poor boys.

As always, TJ Maxx had the best selection of handbags. I love looking at handbags there.

Also, in my never ending quest for a pair of red-soled (ala Christian Loubitan) shoes - I did see that Chinese Laundry does this on some shoes as well (I saw a pair of black patent ones like those - $49.99 at Shoe Cents). They looked reeeaaally cheaply constructed. I really want to find a store where I can try on Oh Deer shoes.

In the end, I didn't buy anything for me. Probably a good thing.


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