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"My mom calls it Bloomie's!"

So, I had my first "real" experience at Bloomingdale's. I'm still a Nordstrom girl at heart (I don't think anywhere has better service), but Bloomingdale's is pretty magical. Especially in NYC, at Christmas.

I spent forever in their Christmas decoration area - bought some cute ornaments for me, and for my fam & friends.

My splurge was Paige Jeans. They are beautiful. I spent a long time trying on jeans - and finally settled on those (can't find them online - similar to these). $194, but I feel justified because I've bought almost no pants this year, and I've been wearing jeans to work more and more. Also, the cost-per-wear will definitely be less than $2, which is the Budget Fashionista's Golden Rule.

"Where did you get your jeans?"

You just can't beat that.


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