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It's been a while.

In the past month, I've gotten engaged, bought a house, sold a car, bought a car, and been on vacation. Not much time for shopping, even online!

My most recent purchases have been for my house, including this super cute desk from West Elm...

....pillows from Target (plus a couple same color ones with dandelions on them) to go with a brown leather couch...

This is my theme color (with white & chocolate brown) for my new living room.

The bedroom is going to be a greenish-blue color (with white & chocolate brown) . I haven't found the ideal bed stuff yet.

I did buy a couple of pairs of shoes at Zappos, only to return them. I really want some wedges, but haven't found any that I really love because I can't wear tiny peep-toes, I'm too tall for super platforms that are everywhere, I'm fine with hints of 80s, but a complete resurgence is just GROSS.

In addition to wedges, I want a pair of fun-colored shoes, and I am so in love with navy shoes, but haven't found the perfect pair. I like these Steve Madden's (saw them at Nordstrom), but 3.75" heel? No thanks. [And, yes, Heather & Jessica - why don't SMs fit like they used to?]


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