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I heard Unexpected Finds

When looking at cheap-er handbags ($25-$60), I usually end up not getting them, because I usually convince myself that I would rather save the $25 to put towards a higher quality bag that I love. However, when I saw this bag, I loved the shape, and the gold hardware, I immediately liked it. And it wasn't $25, it wasn't even $10... It was FIVE DOLLARS!

It's not leather, of course, but it's a pretty nice purse (and doesn't smell like plastic, which is usually my problem with cheap non-leather purses). And for the price, even if I only carry it today, it will be ok. $5! Seriously!

So, where did I find it? Garden Ridge! It was on a table at the front of the store with a bunch of other $5 bags (including this one in brown).

[Sorry for the crappy picture, it's with my (older) camera phone]


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