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New Shoes + New Dress = New Outfit?

Per my last post, I returned those 2 pairs of patent pumps, and then ordered these:

Love them! They are a gorgeous teal blue color, the toe cleavage is not too much, and they don't feel like 3.5"! I haven't worn them with the intended black & white chain-print dress, but I will.

And then this weekend, I hit up Gap (to return 7 of the 8 items I had bought online), and found 2 things to complement my new shoes:

1. Some dark gray (faded black?) bootcut jeans in Long- on the clearance rack for $29.99! I'm wearing them today with the shoes. [Not available online!]
2. This navy with tiny white polka-dots cotton dress:

It is kind of a babydoll dress, but the flowing-away-from-the-body seems really flattering (and like I won't have to wear a body slimmer!) - I don't think it makes me look preggers (my fiance' said it didn't, but I may need to seek a girl's opinion)... I'm planning on dressing it up for (casual) work with a white lace cami, the shoes, & a jean jacket.


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