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A tale of 2 dresses

I bought 2 forest green dresses this weekend (and a forest green top... yes, I'm obsessed).

The first dress is cotton-y and flow-y, and has a very flattering waistline, but isn't really "fall" - even though it just came out. [$49.50 at Gap + I had a 30% off coupon!]The second dress is very fall (they had it in forest green at the store), and very what I was looking for for my fall wardrobe and perfect with boots and mary janes and my BR black wool coat. [$128 at BR + I was returning a $50 top and I had a $15 coupon!] Not sure which one I will keep... I'm leaning towards the BR one... Now I just need to find the perfect black boot!


Blogger WendyB said...

So? Which was it.

2:32 PM

Blogger fashiongirl said...

I still have them both! :) I wore the Gap one recently, so I guess I'm keeping it for sure... I love the BR one, but I may need to go up a size... we'll see.

3:15 PM

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Blogger Waterloo said...

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Blogger The Shopaholic said...

I love your dresses !

11:59 AM

Blogger Emz said...

I love them both!

6:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:39 PM


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