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How to wear shorts

I'm a skirt-lover, and with the "dresses are huge for spring" and "shorts are huge for spring," there seems to be little room for skirts this season.

I do love dresses, but dresses are a little too formal for me at work, and I tend to favor strappy or strapless dresses for summer, and no way am I wearing a strapless bra to work for 10 hours.

So... how 'bout them shorts?

I have my first pair of A-line gauchos, which I love. I'm not sure if I look great in them or not. I feel like I do, but I always like to see a picture to make sure. I'm not sure if I want to see a picture, because like I said - I love them!

I tried to follow this advice when I was looking for them:

"Make sure the hem hits you at the right place, just below the knee or just above mid-calf -- whichever is "the best part of your leg," ... Pair them with something fitted, such as a tank top or ribbed T-shirt, and flat shoes or boots.
What to avoid: If the hem -- the widest part of gauchos -- hits you at the biggest part of your calf, "you're going to look wide," ... Don't wear them with something like a kimono top "or there is just too much fabric."

"Keep in mind also that when wearing gaucho, you should stay away from flats and wear pumps instead." [source]

But what about bermudas?

"Bermuda shorts are more forgiving, but they "need to hit above the knee or right in the middle of the kneecap." Any longer and "they will make you look shorter and plumper."" [source] Got it?

Ok, and how was I not aware that my beloved Stacey London was doling out advice on MSN??

"Always fit the widest part of your lower body first, and look for a leg line that is tailored, not tight on the body....Taller women will look great in a longer Bermuda short, that is, one that covers the knee." [source]

These two pair of bermudas from BR seem to fit the requirements. Will have to try them on to be sure.


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