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Red Shoes

So, my new obsession (since I've forced myself to stop buying cognac/luggage/caramel-colored shoes) is red shoes. I want some.

I also was planning to wear this black & white outfit out dancing Sat night, and I wanted some cute shoes (red). I headed to Nordstrom. I didn't really see any red shoes that I wanted. I tried on these Steve Maddens (too high). I ended up with these Exchange by Charles Davids and these Seychelles (in black - they only had the whiskey & black at Nordstrom) at the cash register and at the last minute decided against the Charles Davids - the heel felt a little too high (although Zappos says it's only 3"), and I just wasn't sure about them. Now, the Seychelles, I love them, and they are SUPER comfortable - except - they have that huge, chunky heel, the kind that Stacey & Clinton say makes your legs look chunky. Grrr... So, I think they are going back. ESPECIALLY since I see that they come in red!!

So, the hunt continues. How long is this peep-toe platform trend going to last. Do I go Target (oooh... patent... huge for fall right? Or would I just look like a stripper?) or find something better?

This bag from Target also looks cute. Will have to check it out in person though.


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