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Can I really wear flats?

I am a heels girl. I love heels. If I'm not wearing heels, it's flip flops. I wish & wish that I could wear some sort of comfortable / casual / whatever type of shoe, but I try on flats and just cannot picture myself wearing them!

ClosetTherapy (I just love her) has been changing my mind lately. She puts together the cutest outfits, and a lot of them involve the cutest flats! I can do that, right?

Take for example this outfit. I have had my mind on those Chloe Paddington flats ever since she posted that.

Then, last week at Dillard's I found these. Then come in red, black, dark brown, and tan. Unfortch, only the tan comes with the gold hardware, like the Chloes. But they even have the little cut out in the back! I didn't buy them, but I'm thinking about it. I don't know how I feel about spending $80 on shoes that I'm not all that sure I will wear, but it is better than the $400 they are going for on ebay! Hmmm...


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