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Oh Deer! shoes

Thanks to paz, a couple months ago I discovered that there were shoes besides Louboutins that had red soles.

I've looked for Oh Deer shoes at Nordstrom, and Macy's and haven't been able to find them to try on.

So today I finally bought some at Zappos. With free returns, I've got nothing to lose, right?

I did follow the commenters' advice and ordered an 8, which is a half size up from my norm. We'll see.

They were $113.95 on Zappos, but with their 110% of the difference price policy, I got them for $87.59 because I found them for $89.99 on this site.

Update: 10/1/06 - Unfortunately, these shoes were not for me. The size 8 was too big (so much for following the advice on Zappos!), but that was just the beginning - the peep toe was too small for my feet - my toes are not that long, so it looked weird. The front part of the shoe is small, so my feet looked all scrunched up and my legs looked not-so-good. It's a beautiful shoe, just not for me! Loooove the red bottoms though!!


Anonymous paz said...

that's awesome, fashiongirl!

5:20 AM


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