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Boots with jeans

Even though it's a little "last year," I really like the boots with jeans look. Unfortunately, that also seems to mean buying some slim fit jeans (shudder!). Or at least slimmer in the knee than the jeans I have now. I found a slimmer bootcut pair at Arden B, that I have yet to buy, but I might go back and get them.

The other issue: finding boots that fit on my calves AND allow jeans to be tucked into them.

So, with my slim-ish David Kahn jeans on, I actually found a pair of boots at Payless, that fit over my jeans and calves and looked cute!

However, the DK jeans bagged a bit at the knees, and since I have no other jean options right now for the boots, I didn't get them. But if you have larger calves - these totally work!!


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