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Express Editor Shorts

I'm not sure when Express is planning on catching up with the information age, but their website sucks for shopping. I bet they would do good business online, considering they are sold out of sizes at their stores half the time.

Anyway, this summer I bought a pair of their light gray Editor City Shorts, and I love them. $49.50 was a bit more than I wanted to pay for shorts(!), but they are super-flattering, and perfect for work. I wanted a dark brown pair, but they were sold out all summer. I saw them again in the October Elle, and thought again how cute they would look for fall with shiny brown boots and a chunky sweater, so I went back to Express. They had 3 pairs out - the salesgirl said they've been flying off the rack! But lucky for me, they had plenty in the back! They also had some super-cute glen plaid-ish ones ($59.50), but I thought the solid brown would be more versatile.

Now if I could only find my ideal dressy chocolate brown boots... At least it's still warm enough here to wear shorts with heels for a few more weeks!


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