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After being pretty dissapointed at H&M (lacking in sizes in things I wanted, purses/accesories were super-cheap looking (and I'm a big Forever 21 fan), overly hot, & long lines at the registers), I found solace at the newly opened Japanese-import Uniqlo in SOHO.

It's bright, it's fun, it has that sweater you want in every color. $69 cashmere sweaters (we'll see how they hold up), $29 wool sweaters, tons of cute jackets.

The store seems a little overwhelming with it's rainbow of floor-to-3-stories-high shelves of sweaters, and a million black wool coats & jackets, but it's so much fun to be there. With store workers everywhere - folding, helping, checking you out - the service is adequately good.

Their website is pretty lacking, but it's new to the US. It's definitely going to be a stop for me every time I'm in NYC.


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