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I heart B&BW Outlet

I love Bath & Body Works. I love their body cream and shower gels, and the fact that they have unique other brands. My favorite scent is Sheer Freesia, and for YEARS I've been trying to find the trial size body creams of it (I keep them everywhere). I don't think I've ever even seen one. Until yesterday.

I discovered the Bath & Body Works Outlet Store at Katy Mills Mall in Katy, TX.

Not only did they have the Sheer Freesia trial size body creams, they were 99 CENTS (regular price is $3.50)! I bought 10.

I also found Tropical Passionfruit full size body cream for 75% off (~$2.60) - it's still $10.50 at the regular B&BW stores (and $5 online)! All other full size body lotions (same packaging & scents as in the stores, as well as some discontinued scents) were $5. They had gift sets and all kinds of other stuff too.

If you are lucky enough to live near one of the seven Bath & Body Works Outlet stores - GO, stock up.


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