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cute purses under $100!

Right now I am currently searching for the perfect clutch purse - not too trendy, with gold-colored hardware - and it has to match everything I wear this summer. Riiiiiight.

I tried a Target purse - I actually bought the big version of the purse, returned it because of the smell; bought the smaller version of the same purse at a different Target (hoping it was a fluke) and returned it again because of the smell. Gross.

ANYways, I was looking around and found Arden B has purses under $100 online, as does Aldo. I just hope the synthetic ones at Aldo don't have that smell like the Target purses...

Cute purse with a bow. Wonder if you could hide the strap?

What color is this purse? It says Black, it looks bronzy. Comes in "gold" too.

This one is interesting. [I'm too lazy to screen-cap the flash images.]

On to more looking...


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