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Bent out of shape

For work, we have to order & sporadically wear Lands' End polo-style shirts with embroidered logos on them. I own 2 of these shirts. One is a short sleeve polo, which I hated buying, but at least it's a nice color and has held it's shape. But since it's always FREEZING at work, it sucks that it's short sleeve.

The next time around, I thought I'd be smarter and get a 3/4 sleeve shirt... specifically this one. So, I did - and I've only worn it a few times (as little as I have to), and it's awful. First of all the "flattering, natural fit"?? Natural apparently means "pregnant." But it has also shrunk in length, so if I were pregnant, my belly would be hanging out the bottom. Nice. It's all out of shape, the color has faded, and it's so unflattering. I hate wearing it.

I hear that Lands' End has some kick-ass return policy, but I won't be forced to wear this shirt too much longer, so I don't know if it's even worth it to return it and get a new one.

So, today I'm wearing my awful shrunken, faded 3/4-sleeve polo shirt that looks like someone's garage sale leftovers with my David Kahn jeans - at least my ass looks fantastic.


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