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Shoe Find of the weekend

I got these shoes for $11+change. How? Well, they were $59.90 at DSW on the clearance rack (blue sticker = 30% off), plus I had a 15% off coupon and a $25 shopping reward certificate. I'm so proud of myself! I've been looking for some work-appropriate black pointy shoes. I hate buying shoes that don't have special details, and I would have been settling for something plain. These are perfect. Also, I love the brown details... I am all about brown & black (subtley) together right now.
The brown & blue ones are super cute too. Didn't see those at DSW. Probably a good thing, I don't need any more funky-colored work shoes right now!

OH! Also, I was at the original Houston DSW on Westheimer - wow! They have a much more varied selection than the one in Webster & by the Galleria!

Still searching for my chocolate brown strappies. I did a great hunt today, no luck.


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