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Dark Blue Bag

Sometime last year I had this fleeting fascination with a dark blue bag I found on sale somewhere - but decided it was too much of an 80s color. Well, now I want one again. I've been thinking I wanted a white bag, and then there's gorgeous dark brown, but I saw an old episode of Sex & The City and Samantha is getting into a cab with this gorgeous navy blue bag and now I. Want. It. Then, I saw what I think is the same (Gucci) bag on Closet Therapy. It seems blue-er on ebay, though, so maybe it's not Gucci.

But it fits in with the nautical summer trend, right?

I also like the shape of this Sigrid Olsen bag, but the leather's not shiny enough for me.

Also, huge doctor's bags and patent leathers are supposedly going to be big for fall - it would be nice to incoporate one of those trends. The huge-ness thing I don't really get though - I can't stand bags that are heavy (without anything in them!) and I have to able to carry it under my arm to shop! Seriously!


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