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Bold Bags

Well, after reading this saying that bold bags are IN for this season and this kinda does too, I've been keeping my eye out for colorful bags. I still love my BCBG luggage-colored purse - it does add color to my neutrals, but I'm afraid I'm going overboard with that color (I can't seem to stop buying it) and I may soon tire of it. As much as I love the 6 pairs I have, I'm already totally over metallic shoes and wish the stores would stock something else for sexy shoes.

Anyways, colorful bags. This berry-colored BCBG one is beautiful, and almost a neutral color - but - isn't the slouchy hobo thing on the way out?

And then there's this dark blue one with the contrast stitching - but it looks kinda cheap or something.


Anonymous deb @glam said...

I know - they all rock. i want them all in every color...

11:54 AM


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