a material girl stuck in a not-so-material work world


My new work shoes

Found these shoes for $28 on the clearance rack at Foley's. I wanted them when they were $70, but didn't get them. Love it when that happens. The heel's about 1/4" higher than I would like, but oh well. I'm also hoping that I can maybe change out the velvet bow for something else, so I can wear them in the spring with a pencil skirt and a sweater and look all business-cute.


Yummy Organization

Not exactly "fashion," but damn I love this beautiful set up from Pottery Barn. I only hope my home office looks like this when I get in my new house. Beautiful.


Just a hunch...

I think the Gap is trying to tell us that Blue & Green are the colors for Spring.


My new necklace

I hunted and hunted this weekend and found a gold heart locket. $28 at Foley's (Monet). I knew I was on to something when I found some at Nordstrom's for $158. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it's vintage-y and I love it. Also, my mom thought of this: For pictures, use the "proof sheet" that comes with your pictures when you get reprints or make copies of digital pictures! She's so smart!


Gold Locket

Maybe it's the vintage jewelry craze, but I really want a gold locket like SJP has on during a few eps of Sex in the City. Why is it that watching this show years after it was on makes me realize that they were all ahead of their time? Love it.

Chloe Paddington Knock off

Cute and cheap Target knockoff of this season's "it" Chloe Bag. Will have to check it out in person. Usually I think "Well, if I save this $22, I can put it towards a better bag." Sometimes I just get them anyway though.


Gift to myself

I've been wanting a dark brown dress for months. I love this one. I tried to find it at the store and I couldn't. I think it will be my gift to myself when I lose a few more pounds.
It comes in green and chocolate. I like the green too.


Cute Shoes

These shoes are just too cute. Hate the 3.5" heel. That's too tall for me! Thanks to my new favorite blog, Just My Cup Of Tea for alerting me to these shoes!


Purse that I covet

A girl I know has this purse. I saw it and loved it. It is the color that I want, with gold hardware that I love. She is fashionable and has lots of designer stuff, I was afraid that it would be expensive, until I snuck a peak at the buckle: BCBGirls. Hmmm... could be affordable! Found it at Zappos for $126 or bluefly for $77. Can I carry the same purse as my friend? I only see her every 3-4 months. She would never know, right?

Spring Flip Flop Trade Off

These flip flops are $48 at J Crew. I saw the exact same style flip flop at Target for $7.99. They are not online yet, but they had them at the store.