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Shoe Find of the weekend

I got these shoes for $11+change. How? Well, they were $59.90 at DSW on the clearance rack (blue sticker = 30% off), plus I had a 15% off coupon and a $25 shopping reward certificate. I'm so proud of myself! I've been looking for some work-appropriate black pointy shoes. I hate buying shoes that don't have special details, and I would have been settling for something plain. These are perfect. Also, I love the brown details... I am all about brown & black (subtley) together right now.
The brown & blue ones are super cute too. Didn't see those at DSW. Probably a good thing, I don't need any more funky-colored work shoes right now!

OH! Also, I was at the original Houston DSW on Westheimer - wow! They have a much more varied selection than the one in Webster & by the Galleria!

Still searching for my chocolate brown strappies. I did a great hunt today, no luck.


cute purses under $100!

Right now I am currently searching for the perfect clutch purse - not too trendy, with gold-colored hardware - and it has to match everything I wear this summer. Riiiiiight.

I tried a Target purse - I actually bought the big version of the purse, returned it because of the smell; bought the smaller version of the same purse at a different Target (hoping it was a fluke) and returned it again because of the smell. Gross.

ANYways, I was looking around and found Arden B has purses under $100 online, as does Aldo. I just hope the synthetic ones at Aldo don't have that smell like the Target purses...

Cute purse with a bow. Wonder if you could hide the strap?

What color is this purse? It says Black, it looks bronzy. Comes in "gold" too.

This one is interesting. [I'm too lazy to screen-cap the flash images.]

On to more looking...


How to wear shorts

I'm a skirt-lover, and with the "dresses are huge for spring" and "shorts are huge for spring," there seems to be little room for skirts this season.

I do love dresses, but dresses are a little too formal for me at work, and I tend to favor strappy or strapless dresses for summer, and no way am I wearing a strapless bra to work for 10 hours.

So... how 'bout them shorts?

I have my first pair of A-line gauchos, which I love. I'm not sure if I look great in them or not. I feel like I do, but I always like to see a picture to make sure. I'm not sure if I want to see a picture, because like I said - I love them!

I tried to follow this advice when I was looking for them:

"Make sure the hem hits you at the right place, just below the knee or just above mid-calf -- whichever is "the best part of your leg," ... Pair them with something fitted, such as a tank top or ribbed T-shirt, and flat shoes or boots.
What to avoid: If the hem -- the widest part of gauchos -- hits you at the biggest part of your calf, "you're going to look wide," ... Don't wear them with something like a kimono top "or there is just too much fabric."

"Keep in mind also that when wearing gaucho, you should stay away from flats and wear pumps instead." [source]

But what about bermudas?

"Bermuda shorts are more forgiving, but they "need to hit above the knee or right in the middle of the kneecap." Any longer and "they will make you look shorter and plumper."" [source] Got it?

Ok, and how was I not aware that my beloved Stacey London was doling out advice on MSN??

"Always fit the widest part of your lower body first, and look for a leg line that is tailored, not tight on the body....Taller women will look great in a longer Bermuda short, that is, one that covers the knee." [source]

These two pair of bermudas from BR seem to fit the requirements. Will have to try them on to be sure.


weekend purchases

Well, I was returning a bunch of stuff at one of my favorite malls, and searching for the dark brown shoes.
While looking for those, I found these beauties. Wedges, earthy, peep-toe, slightly platform - I'd better wear the shit out of these this summer, these trends won't last. My only problem with them is I think they kind of look like some shoes my mom had back in the 80s - I really don't want to embrace the bad parts of the 80s (flats, slim fit jeans, LEGGINGS) , and I've always hated peep-toes, but these don't seem more "open-toe" and less "peep-toe." Also, they look fierce with my "tan."

This mall also has Forever 21, which is sometimes a bit much to handle, but I did pick up this necklace (it's a really pretty rose gold) which kinda satisfies my need for this one, and bright grass green top, that looks oh-so-fantastic with my new shoes.

Can I reiterate that I love, love, love Charlotte Russe & Forever 21 for cheap trendy jewelry? Look for quality stuff, and wear it well, and people seem to think you paid a lot more for it than you did.

Also seen around the mall - black & white EVERYWHERE (not that I'm complaining, but I don't want overkill), print tops (not sure how to pull this off without looking like I'm 6 and wearing my PJs), very few knee-length skirts (lots of dresses though! - I love dresses, but can I wear them to work??), and very subtle brown with black (love this).


Chocolate Brown Shoes

I got the cutest A-line chocolate brown & pool blue floral cotton dress. Perfect for summer weddings or whatever. Anyways, I have been obsessed with metallic & colored shoes for a few years, and have strayed away from my good friend, chocolate brown. I do have one pair, but they have white stiching and don't look quite right.

I like these (I've actually wanted them for a month, but they didn't have them in the store when I looked) and love that they are my favorite brand, Franco Sarto. And the ankle strap - I'm not too sure about that.

I also kinda like these, but not too sure about the chunky heel.

But lucky for me, it looks like dark brown is big for shoes this spring, so I'm sure I will find something somewhere.

Gap is having their Spring Sale. A good time to get stuff for summer.

I'm a big fan of this summer-weight cotton sweater. They seem to have limited sizes online, but they had plenty in the store I went to.

I love the gray with jeans.

Also, to get the most out of your gap.com purchases, I use a gateway, like ebates (3% cashback) or get airline miles (Continental gives you 5 per dollar you spend). Also, I always always always search for a coupon. With Gap, you can use up to 5 coupons, as long as they don't interfere. Also, use your Gap, BR, or Old Navy card for points; or use your Discover Card for 1-2% cashback!


What I Want Now

I bought some "gaucho pants" this weekend at the BR Outlet Store. Only they are more like shorts on me, because I am tall.
I definitely now need some good, black, high heels. I have been so obsessed with metallics the past couple years that I don't really have a good black pair of heels (well, I do, but they are well worn). I love this look with the heels & the cute top(from here).

I plan on wearing them to go out in, but I'm thinking I may also try to wear them to work.

I also want a clutch purse. Wow this is a steal [Michael Kors Palm Beach Wristlet/Clutch in black for $35!]. Hmm. Not sure what color I want yet. I'm torn between camel, black, and a bold "match everything" color.

I love this purse [Ellen Tracy "Neutral Territory" Demi Hobo Bag]! I've had bad luck buying purses without seeing them first. Wonder if they have this one at the stores...

I also want a completely impractical short sleeve jacket. Super trendy, and it won't keep me warm, but I like the look.

And I also want some platform pumps. Like these, but not these because I already have 2 pairs of shoes in this color.


Spring Jewelry

I'm looking for this necklace. Preferably for about 1/20 of the $590 price tag.

The new jewelry trends for spring are, according to NM:
• Meditteranean - I love, love, love the colors that go along with this... sea blues & greens? Yum.
• Hoop Earrings (... who doesn't have hoop earrings?)
• Charm Jewelry
• Neutrals
• Right Hand Rings (been looking for a cocktail ring since last year... I have a $6 one from Target that is the #1 thing I've ever received the most complements on in my life.)
• Gold - my personal fave. I love gold.


I'm liking Nicole Richie's clothes?

Hate the dressy shorts, but how cute does she look otherwise? Love all the dresses. So cute.