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Gray dress to wear with brights

I have been wanting something gray to wear with the bright colors of summer (yellow + gray = yum!) for a while. Last night, I stopped by the Gap, and found this dress. The pic kinda washes it out, but it's kind of a deep bluish-gray... I thought it might look like a sack on, but it didn't. Very cute, and love the double hem at the bottom. Can't wait to find some yellow or royal blue accessories to wear with it! :) Perfect casual summer dress. Plus, it was way cheaper at the store than it is online - the salesgirl said they'd been flying off the rack yesterday.

[$49.99 at gap.com, but it was $23.99 at my Gap store!]


Surprising Finds

[Black Patent Pump - $17.99]
[Linen-like Peep toe pump $19.99]
[Patent buckle flats $15.99]
[Green sneakers $19.99]
[Yellow polka-dot wedge $19.99]
[White fabric eyelet flats $17.99]

In my seemingly never-ending hunt for the perfect flat, I walked into Payless yesterday (it was next to my destination, Target) looking for flats. I was really impressed with the trendiness of some of their shoes. The Black patent pumps were the perfect heel height and looked nearly identical to the blue Poetic Licence ones I paid $90 for... except that the heel wasn't patent, it was black stacked rubber - I would have gotten them if it weren't for that. The Linen-like peep toe pump seemed really comfy and were super cute on. However, just sticking to essential shoes right now!

I bought the black patent flats (well, they have a slight heel) - they were padded nicely and I can tell they will hold their shape better than most of the flats I've tried on. I also would rather spend <$20 on flats until I'm sure I like the style enough to spend more. There were also some gorgeous patent royal blue ballet flats (not online), but they were thin, like most ballet flats are - and wouldn't hold their shape.

The yellow polka dot wedges I really LOVE, and may go back and get - I just worry about the fabric getting dirty and whether they look too childish. :)

I also BOGO'd the green sneakers - very cute, and I really needed some new ones for times when it's too cold for flip flops. LOVE the kelly green.

The white eyelet ballet flats (also came in pink) are very cute, but would get dirty in like 4.2 seconds.

There was also a very cute little girl begging her mom for these ballet shoes. So cute! [$15.99]


30% Off Naturalizer Shoes

I've found a couple pairs of cute Naturalizer shoes this past year, and today, The Budget Fashionista has a 30% Friends & Family Coupon!

However, I'm in a furniture-buying/3-plane-tickets/broken-Ipod/I-really-really-want-this- $168-jacket spending lockdown right now, so I will not be heading out to Naturalizer. However, I can window shop online!


These are super cute, and look very fashion-forward compared to all the same-old-same-old patent platform shoes out right now.

[$95, at Naturalizer.com (-30% off!) + $6.50 for shipping]


Peep-toe flats

I was hesitant to the flat craze, and when I saw the peep-toe flats last year, I said "NEVER!" But, I really think these are cute. Probably won't get them, but I'll admit they are cute.

[$80 at Piperlime.com]

Also, Piperlime? While I appreciate the 20% off coupon you sent me - your selection sucks. All the shoes I really like are out of my price range ($400) or if they are in my price range - they are sold out of every size! [Although, the above shoe IS in my price range AND they do have my size, but I need to do some real life trying on of peep-toe flats before ordering any online]

I seriously am not finding anything on the website to buy! And I'm such a sucker for coupons, I should be able to find something!


I heart this bag

I love the shape, the bright color, the price, and the gold hardware!

Will the straps allow me to carry it over my shoulder? Hmm. [Maxx New York Bridle Bag, $148 at Nordstrom - also in black or white]

Check out the cute paisley inside too:


[Update 5.7.07 - The price has gone UP on Nordstrom.com to $198!]


New Shoes + New Dress = New Outfit?

Per my last post, I returned those 2 pairs of patent pumps, and then ordered these:

Love them! They are a gorgeous teal blue color, the toe cleavage is not too much, and they don't feel like 3.5"! I haven't worn them with the intended black & white chain-print dress, but I will.

And then this weekend, I hit up Gap (to return 7 of the 8 items I had bought online), and found 2 things to complement my new shoes:

1. Some dark gray (faded black?) bootcut jeans in Long- on the clearance rack for $29.99! I'm wearing them today with the shoes. [Not available online!]
2. This navy with tiny white polka-dots cotton dress:

It is kind of a babydoll dress, but the flowing-away-from-the-body seems really flattering (and like I won't have to wear a body slimmer!) - I don't think it makes me look preggers (my fiance' said it didn't, but I may need to seek a girl's opinion)... I'm planning on dressing it up for (casual) work with a white lace cami, the shoes, & a jean jacket.