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I heart Woven Stacked Peep-toe Platforms

I keep seeing them and falling in love.

The first pair I saw were these Circa Joan & David Yamina pumps. I liked everything about them (especially the deep chocolate brown) - except the wide heel. I bought a pair with a wide heel like that last year, and they feel "childish" or something to me. I dig more of a stiletto heel. [$89 at DSW, $150 at Nordstrom, $154 at Zappos]

Then, I found these Marc Fisher ones. The heel's a little bit more my style, but they feel really high. Definitely going to keep my eye on them though. [$89 at Macy's]

Evening Wedding outfit

The dress I'm wearing, I have never been able to find online. I got it last year - it's Black House/White Market. It's black with a black lace overlay and vertical ribbon "boning," so it's fairly "busy" for a LBD - hence the simple black shoes.

My second pair of Guess pumps. I just love my brown croc ones so much - they are fairly comfortable, and they have really held up well. Also, I needed some black work shoes.

[$69 @ DSW, $59 at GuessFactory - limited sizes though]

[$12.50 at Old Navy]

When I first saw the purse, I hated the ribbon on it, but thought maybe I could remove it - but after seeing it complement the ribbon on the dress, it's a keeper.

Seriously, I was looking all over for a black shiny croc clutch for less than $100 and the only place I could find one is Old Navy?

Beach Bag #1

I got this beach bag to wear with my brown swimsuit and denim skirt. (I didn't realize that it was "tie-dye" - I hate tie-dye. Hrmf.] [$19.50 at Old Navy]

Then of course, I went and got a berry-colored swimsuit, which is a little too fancy for my beach bag with the gold stitching and all. [$17.99 top + $17.99 bottom, at Target]

I think a green or cream with brown leather beach bag would match everything... so I'm still looking.

Spring Tops

I finally used my $50 Reward Credits at BR to buy some new tops.

This top is in a unique "earthy" material [$34 at BR], and I loved the bluey-purple color, the snap up sleeves, and the super-flattering cut.

Here's the top I talked about a couple weeks ago (although I didn't remember till just now!). I got it in black. It also came in a (see-through) cream color, but no green, at the store. [$44 at BR]

Lastly, I got this ruched-neck sweater because 1. I love green and 2. it reminds me of this chocolate brown short-sleeve sweater that I got on the clearance rack at BR and absolutely LOVE. [$48 at BR]

New Jeans

My all time favorite pair of jeans is a pair of bootcut Gap jeans that I got on the clearance rack for $29. They look more expensive (I think it's colored stitching) than they are, they fit perfect and are the perfect length for my highest heels, yet mysteriously also don't drag on the ground when I wear flip flops with them. I've had them for 3 years, I think, yet they still look stylish. I love them. They are kind of getting worn, but after 3 years of wear, that's to be expected.

I have bought several pairs of Gap jeans over the years, and with the exception of a few torn belt loops (from trying to hike up the low rise jeans), they have all held up pretty well. And even if they didn't, I have never paid more than $58 for jeans there!

Now, let's talk about my other favorite jeans. With the pricey jean craze, I have bought a few pairs. My first pair were the Blue Cult ones in November 2005. By the summer of 2006, the length had shrunk so much that I could only wear them with flip flops, and they are almost completely worn through on the thighs. They look like pants you'd wear to paint in or something. Gross. My second pair were David Kahn (the guy who makes Sevens) in April 2006. As of December 2006, they have a "run" in them, above the knee. Like they ran across something pointy. Still wearable, but it bothers me. In July 2006, I bought some Pine IV jeans. Last weekend, one of the back pocket buttons fell off. That really pissed me off - these are $180 jeans! So, that was the last straw for me - Nordstrom will take anything back at any time, and I still had the receipt, so I returned them. They don't sell them anymore, so I couldn't get another pair - and I was very very sad to see them go.

I did get another pair of jeans though - only $79! - Kut jeans. All the pictures on Nordstrom's website don't do them justice, but they are cute.

I also got this corduroy blazer, marked down from $110 to $29 (in the store). You can never have enough blazers.


Totally cute shoes

I just love these Tribeca by Kenneth Cole wedges! [$69 at Macy's]
Now... cream or brown?


I heart these wedges

[$74.95 at Nordstrom]

The "Taupe Pearl" (brown) is practical, and very "now." The dark blue (looks black!) intrigues me (I've been eyeing blue & green shoes lately). The dark tan looks "last year" to me, but I still dig it. I'm a little put off by the platform sole (I'm tall enough!), but they are very close to what I am looking for.

I'm also contemplating these wedges that are on sale for $45 at Zappos.

I wish they weren't black though.

Returning Guilt

So, my friend recently told me that returning stuff costs stores money. While it makes sense, I had never really thought about it. I will order tons of stuff online from Gap (with their awesome online coupons & free shipping), and then try it on in the comfort of my own home and then return half of it. Why do they offer great online coupons and free shipping if it costs them money when you return it? And then they have cute tops with questionable flattery issues that are "gap.com exclusives" - you can't even go to the store to try it on!

[gap.com - $39.50]

Looks like I am going to have to order it online to just try it on. And I may have to return it to the store. Sorry, Gap.

So, since I'm ordering, what else can I get?

How about this top? [$29.50 at Gap]

[These $68 Trouser jeans are cute, but they are sold out of most sizes in Long]

[Maybe these $68 gray jeans - but why is the model wearing trouser jeans with Converse? Ew.]

I need some khaki bermuda shorts (SO happy these are back for another spring/summer!). I lived in my gray, brown, white, black, & navy ones (wow, I bought a lot of those) last year. [$39.50 at Gap]

And as much as I want this $49.50 smocked sundress, I'm not going to get it. It's definitely cute, but I don't need any more black dresses. Why doesn't it come in navy or something??


Nice hair

Obviously, I stole this pic from Trent. But only because I really don't want to go to the Playboy site and hunt around for another pic at work! Anyways, I like this chick's hair and aviators. A few years ago I hated aviators, but I got a super cute aviator-ish pair at Ann Taylor Loft a couple months ago, and I love them. Wonder if I can get my hair to look that good?


Beach Bag

I'm looking for a new beach bag to take with me on my upcoming trip. My 2 favorite swimsuits are brown, so I need something that will complement them, of course. I found this cute bag online at Target, and it's only $23, but it's only available online! I would like to look at it in the store to see just how durable the straw is. It reminds me of a Kate Spade bag that my friend's mom had last year.
The canvas bag I bought at Target last year at this time did not hold up very long - the cloth lining ripped sometime this summer. I don't want that to happen again.
Still hunting... cute summer shoes and bags are hard to find in January!


The 2 faces of my wardrobe

Currently, one side of my wardrobe needs a shiny black (preferably croc-embossed) clutch for going out and carrying to weddings and whatnot. I actually need it for a wedding this weekend, so I shouldn't even be looking online for it.

[On sale for $29.99 at Nine West - the red is also cute]

The casual side of my wardrobe is thinking about my upcoming trip to a tropical destination, and wanting some cute open-toed wedges. They can't be too platform, too 80s, or too childish though. [Striped Wedges, $88 @ BR - can't do the peep toe like that, but they're cute]

[Navy Michael Kors Logo Wedges, $97 @ Nordstrom - Cute shoe, but I hate logos!]


Spring tops at BR

It's tops like this that just make me SAD about the state of fashion. Seriously, I tried it on - it's a SACK with a ROPE that ties around it. Completely unflattering. The neckline and color are cute, though, which is why I tried it on. [$68 @ BR]
On the other hand, I just love this color. Fantastic with jeans or navy. Maybe this one will fit better. Need to check it out at the store (also to make sure the color doesn't wash me out). [$44 @ BR, also in black]

I've been so frightened by some of the fashions I've seen lately. Especially the leggings. Please, leggings, GO AWAY.

I want this!

Spend $95 in Nordstrom's Beauty Dept online and get this cool train case filled with goodies for free! Too bad I'm in a "no spending money" mode.